About us

Your goods deserve the very best: RCT Stevedoring

From a sand and gravel trader to manufacturing breeze blocks to a successful stevedoring company. RCT Stevedoring is writing Belgian history. It is no coincidence that we are known at home and abroad as the reliable partner for every company with a cargo.


Since our focus shifted to loading, unloading, and warehousing, we’ve been on a roll. Day and night, seagoing vessels, lorries, and containers carrying all kinds of goods (ores, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc.) pass through here. Our loading dock is bustling with activity from dawn to dusk.


Our greatest capital and your guarantee of absolute quality? Our unbeatable team of employees. Moreover, we continue to invest in specialised equipment to move your goods safely and quickly. Plus, we’re conveniently located close to the Brussels-Scheldt Canal in Willebroek.

Loading and unloading

Our quay is 350 m long and 7 m deep. You can load and unload a lot there. But our greatest asset? It’s our staff, who get the job done quickly, safely, and flexibly.


A quarter of our 100,000 m² of storage space is covered. Handy, because in those sheds we store your cargo safely from wind and weather.

Other services

Loading, unloading, and storage: it’s what we do. But we also help you pack, clean, and transport your goods.