We also offer you the following services:

Other services

Loading, unloading, and storage: it’s our core business. But we are also happy to help you out with other services. Following a tried and true recipe: safe, fast, and professional.


Convenient customs warehouse

Need temporary storage in a customs or VAT warehouse? RCT Stevedoring has the necessary permits. This keeps your goods safe, come rain or shine. And you save a lot of VAT. In addition, we take care of the preparation and handling of all possible customs administration.


Error-free administration

Are you sick of all the red tape? RCT Stevedoring will take care of all the paperwork for you. Feel free to call us sticklers for accuracy. Because we guarantee flawless handling of your entire stock management and fiscal representation. And why not leave the layout of your EUR.1 certificate and phytosanitary documents to us as well?


Professional transport

Your goods are ready to leave our warehouse. Out of sight, out of mind? Not for us. RCT Stevedoring does not let them go so easily. We’re also happy to take care of their transport, by road – in lorries or containers – or by water.


The right packaging

It’s all in the packaging. So RCT Stevedoring learned about it all in depth:


  • bagging bulk goods in big bags, drums, or sacks
  • cutting open packaged goods to be able to load in bulk
  • palletising big bags, drums, or sacks, as well as the actual delivery of the pallets
  • securing goods in containers or in the ship’s hold after loading
  • marking goods or packaging
  • supplying heat-treatment securing wood and pallets during export
  • supply of empty drums (from 50 L to 400 L)
  • cleaning containers after unloading
  • sampling

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Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading

Our quay is 350 m long and 7 m deep. You can load and unload a lot there. But our greatest asset? It’s our staff, who get the job done quickly, safely, and flexibly.



A quarter of our 100,000 m² of storage space is covered. Handy, because in those sheds we store your cargo safely from wind and weather.