Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading

RCT Stevedoring is proud of its highly qualified team. We use nothing but the best equipment to load and/or unload your ships, vessels, trucks and containers. We also dispose of all necessary approved hoisting material, chains, hooks and grippers to correctly and safely handle your particular cargo.


The goods we unload or load are weighed on one of our two weighbridges (up to 60 tons). In this way we are able to report the exact loaded or unloaded quantities to our customers.

Loaded and unloaded goods

The 600,000 tons of goods we handle each year consist of:


  • Ferrous products such as: pig iron, FeSi, FeMn, SiMn, FeCr
  • Base metals such as aluminium (slabs and ingots), lead, zinc, copper, tin
  • Tree trunks (lengths from 2 upto 12 metres)
  • Sawn timber
  • OSB wooden panels
  • Minerals
  • Reinforcing steel bars and concrete reinforcement nets
  • Steelplates, steel slabs, pipes, tubes, billets, wire rods and coils
  • Big bags
  • Project cargo


To handle your vessels we dispose of 2 hydraulic cranes on our 350 metre-long quay with a draught up to 8.5 metres:


  • Hitachi 870 with a reach of 20 metres
  • Sobemai balance crane with a reach of 32 metres

Trucks and containers

To handle lorries and containers we dispose of:


  • Liebherr cranes (316-924) for the soft loading of heavy bulk goods in tipping trucks
  • Volvo bulldozers (L 120) for loading trucks and pushing goods
  • Svetruck fork-lift trucks (28 tons and 14 tons) for heavy loads
  • Diesel fork-lifts of 2.5 to 4.5 tons for the loading and unloading of trucks and containers
  • Bobcats for cleaning ship's holds, as well as loading bulk goods in containers