Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading

What do you need to load and unload goods professionally? Employees who roll up their sleeves. And equipment to move goods correctly and safely. RCT Stevedoring has both in-house.


We offer various services regardless of whether the goods arrive and/or have to leave via ocean vessel, barge, truck or container :

  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage (covered or outside storage)
  • Repackaging (from bulk to packaged or vice versa)
  • Sifting of bulk goods
  • Stuffing of containers (including LSD, including fumigated wood with HT certificate)
  • Stripping of containers
  • Tally service
  • Survey
  • Weighing
  • Sampling
  • Marking

Extensive range of machinery

We welcome your cargo with due consideration:


  • Mantsinen 300 hydraulic handling crane with 40 ton lifting capacity and reach of 32 meters
  • Multidocker hydraulic handling crane with 20 ton lifting capacity and reach of 28 meters
  • Liebherr cranes (316-924) for gentle loading of bulk goods in dump trucks
  • Volvo bulldozers (L 120) for loading trucks and pushing goods
  • Svetruck forklifts (13, 16 and 30 tons) for heavy loads
  • Diesel forklift trucks (2.5 t to 4.5 t) for loading and unloading trucks and containers
  • Bobcats for cleaning ships’ holds and loading bulk goods into containers
  • 3 x 60 ton weighbridge
  • Radioactivity detection gantry at incoming weighbridge
  • Customized tools to handle your goods safely and correctly

Range of goods

Every year, 650,000 t of goods pass through our company. What do we move? Mountains. And:


  • Raw materials for the steel industry such as : pig iron, FeSi, FeMn, SiMn. FeCr, etc (both in bulk and in big bags)
  • Base metals such as: aluminium (slabs and ingots), lead, zinc, copper, tin.
  • Tree trunks (from 2 to 12 metres in length)
  • Packs of sawn timber
  • OSB wood boards
  • Minerals
  • Concrete iron (up to 18 metres) and concrete nets
  • Steel sheets, steel slabs, pipes, tubes, billets, wire rods and coils up to 30 tonnes
  • Big bags
  • Project cargo

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A quarter of our 100,000 m² of storage space is covered. Handy, because in those sheds we store your cargo safely from wind and weather.

Other services

Loading, unloading, and storage: it’s what we do. But we also help you pack, clean, and transport your goods.